Our Story


EXHALE® Ingredients

Frankincense is the base of all of our products, but we also infuse eucalyptus, spearmint and aloe vera thistle into our products for their healing properties.

Previously obtainable only by royalty and the very wealthy, used daily EXHALE® Frankincense has the natural ability to reduce wrinkles, fade scars and acne, promote regeneration of healthy cells, anti-age, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body. We use ingredients uniquely formulated to soothe compromised skin and repair those trouble areas the natural and healthy way without the use of invasive and costly procedures. We take a natural approach that will tighten your skin by helping you replace collagen and cells.


From our humble beginnings, the story of EXHALE® has been one of inspiration to provide all women access to more natural, healthier and affordable quality products. By unlocking nature’s powers through beauty industry advances, EXHALE® has discovered new ways to nurture and transform skin to an enhanced state of natural health and beauty.

EXHALE® focuses on creating a global brand that will become a model for change by introducing centuries old remedies which hold the promise for human wellness at an affordable price, which is key to promoting and maintaining a health and wellness outlook.

The woman who uses EXHALE® is inherently beautiful, exuberant, confident and loves life. She is contemporary, but with a romantic undertone. She’s like a breath of fresh air. EXHALE® is every woman!



Under the empowering leadership of EXHALE® President Velma Von Richardson, a retired U.S. Army General, our products are driven by profoundly inspiring medicinal virtues of Frankincense from the exotic oasis of Sultanate of Oman, which was previously obtainable only by royalty and the very wealthy. EXHALE® will always maintain a strong commitment in support of our US Disabled Veteran Families National Community Service, and Soldiers for Life initiatives.