Our Ingredients

Frankincense is the base of all EXHALE® products. Due to its healing properties, it is the perfect foundation for our healthy bath wash, body lotions, and skin care. EXHALE® uses other natural scents to enhance the inclusion of frankincense, and if used regularly have skin-tightening healing qualities.

EXHALE® Bath Wash and Hydrotherapy Moisturizer Body Lotion unique formulations responds to women who want to naturally maintain a youthful healthy look, by increasing new skin cell regeneration all over their body. We know that time can diminish the body’s ability to produce collagen, so EXHALE® use natural anti-aging ingredients which help reverse those effects of time.


Frankincense evokes mental peace, relaxation, while providing cleaning, moisturizing, skin cell renewal aspects.


Eucalyptus has been used to treat arthritis, boils, sores and wounds.


Spearmint is an aromatic used to refresh and cool and cleanse skin, reduce swelling due to nerve and muscle pain, and fatigue from stress.


Aloe Vera is a hypo-allergenic and non-fragrant plant. It is tropical used in medicine that aids minor wounds, burns, eczema, and psoriasis.